I wrote about this at the FanHouse yesterday, but it’s still worth mentioning: Some Baltimore fans over at The Loss Column, apparently fed up with overly-enthusiastic Red Sox fans invading their turf, are planning a “Take Back the Yard” night during the Sox’ September 8 visit to Camden.

The game rules, as the organizers have set down, are as follows:

We will be making it clear to the Invaders that they are not welcome in our stadium. Like I said in the original post: if they insist on coming down here we need to at least get them out of thinking it’s a vacation.

This means we will engage in the following:

– Vigorous rooting for the home team
– Taunting of Red Sox fans
– Taunting of Red Sox players
– Generalized boisterousness and revelry

If ever there was a game that could spawn a million YouTube moments, this is it. Any Sox fans planning to attend that game at the Yard should take the necessary precautions. Like, I dunno, not speaking ill of John Lowenstein or Dennis Martinez’ moustache.