With any luck, there won’t be any crazed slashers wearing hockey masks at Fenway tonight. Although with Tavarez on the mound, I guess anything can happen. Game two the post-all-star half of the season on a TV near you in just under an hour.

This kid Marcum scares me. He is like the Jays’ version of Wake or Dice-K: pitches great, gets no run support. It looks like it finally got to him. After he was shelled in his final start before the break he had this to say:

“It’s tough to go out there every single day and do your job,” Marcum said.
“I guess all things come to an end at some point.”

Expert at reading between the lines that I am, let me translate. If you guys aren’t going to score any f–king runs, I’m going to throw batting practice. Before giving up eight runs in three-and-a-third to the Indians that night he had a 2.86 ERA, making his 4-2 record very deceiving.

I want to see the Sox jump ugly on this guy in the first inning, just like they did with Doc last night. Bring down the hammer. Let JT cruise through six directing traffic like the crazy muther he is, and hand it over to the ‘pen. Goodnight.