Being at last night’s game was like stepping in a warm, fresh pile of dog crap. Barefoot. The return of Shaky Wake – while never unexpected – is always painful to watch. I’m a firm believer in Red’s five-run rule: anytime Wakefield gives up five runs in the first few innings, pull him. He just doesn’t have it. Francona obviously doesn’t buy it, choosing to lean towards the “he eats up innings” concept and watching Wakefield go down in flames without so much as a visit to the mound.

It was pretty clear in the second that Timmy was not going to be able to find home plate with the knuckler. The Yanks scored three runs on just two hits, courtesy of four walks in the inning. Oh, but it gets better. In the fourth, New York sent 10 men to the plate, six of them scored – and only three of them actually reached base by means of a hit. In the inning, there were two walks, two hit batters, a passed ball and a wild pitch. Not pretty.

On the bright side, the Fenway crowd made the evening tolerable – even fun at times. In no particular order:

Pictured above, a fan brought a box full of “Jocelyn” masks and handed them out
to people seated near home plate and third base.

About 30,000 people
screamed “MINE!” every time a Red Sox player popped up.

Chants included

Several Yankee fans in my viewing
area (section 2 in right field) were ejected for, well, being Yankee fans.

On the field there were a few positives as well. Manny gunning down A-Rod at second was one. Matsui tripping over his porn collection and face-planting into the wall was another. And of course, Youk getting knocked down and clearing the benches and bullpens, well that’s always fun. Things that are NOT fun? Lowell getting hit on the hand and leaving the game. Drew also leaving the game with a bad hammy. And of course, seeing Mirabelli run the bases.

Stay tuned, things can only get better.