Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. Tom Brady throws an ugly interception, Jennifer Garner rips a rotten-egg fart, and even the 2007 Red Sox lose a game. Last night was one of those. It wasn’t so much the bats went quiet as it was the Sox ran into a buzz saw. Chris Young gave up just one hit while striking out 11 over seven innings. The guy is an ogre – he only throws about 89 but by the time the ball comes out of his Inspector Gadget arm, it’s already in the catcher’s mitt. So we move on. On the other side, Wakefield was, well…Wakefield. He looked brilliant through four innings, then the switch flipped and he lost it. Ball game.

But what the f–k was with the umpires last night? Third base umpire Brian Knight completely botched, not one, but two calls and was overruled by the rest of the crew. The second time it happened, Francona came out to argue and was ejected. During the argument, a soda bottle came flying out of the stands towards Francona. Meanwhile, home plate umpire Doug Eddings had his own thing going on. He never handed a ball to Mirabelli to throw back to Wake, instead he would fire it as hard as he could to Wake himself. Bizarre.

While we’re on the Mirabelli topic, he’s clearly outlived his usefulness. Yeah, great scene when he arrived in a State Trooper’s car to try to save the day, but seriously, a buck-eighty-two? And without bothering to look it up, I’d guess he has just as many passed balls as Bard or Tek when catching Wakefield. Time for a new back-up catcher. When he’s in the line-up, you’ve got two gaping, sub-two-hundred holes in the order. Thanks Julio.

This afternoon, it’s Beckett versus Peavy. Don’t miss it.