Those silly Yankees, will they ever learn? You mess with the Red Sox, they will mess with you. Hard. Mike Lowell took matters into his own hands last night, using his bat to help win the game and his body to send Yankees sprawling all over the field. Friday night, Mikey was one of five hit-batters in the game. He was struck in the hand and ended up leaving the game. But he was back last night and the Yankees would pay.

As far as the game is concerned, all Lowell did was go 3-for-4 with a homer, a double and four RBI. But he wasn’t done, no sir, not by a longshot. In the fourth, Lowell was on his way to second where Cano fielded the grounder and waited to apply the tag. Lowell started to duck, then drove forward with his shoulder and elbow sending Cano to the ground like Pedro vs. Zimmer. Dustin Pedroia says thank you. Later in the game, Lowell was unable to avoid Doug Mientkiewicz in a collision at first that left Minky with a concussion, a fractured bone in his wrist and a cervical sprain.

The Red Sox would like to thank Bob Watson for overruling Friday’s umpiring crew and not suspending Scott Proctor. He gave up five runs in relief of Mussina.

Schilling looked very hittable again, going just five innings and allowing nine hits. He gave up as many home runs as he had strike outs: two.

This sets up a rubber-game showdown tonight. Beckett versus Pettitte and the inane ramblings of Joe Morgan. See ya there.

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