Way to ruin a Wednesday, boys. We should have seen this coming from the minute Lugo made his 600th error in the first. You can bury him in the batting order but he’s still gotta play the field. Maybe Schilling just got rattled when he lost the no-hitter with no outs in the first? More likely, last Thursday was the exception, not the rule.

In his 5 starts prior to the near-no-hitter, Schill went just 29-and-a-third (just under 6 per start), gave up 44 hits, 7 walks and 16ER’s. That’s an ERA of 4.91 and a WHIP of 1.56. Not to mention the 5 home runs. With my deepest apologies to all of the Schilling worshippers, the guy is starting to look pretty cooked.

Let’s not let the bats off the hook. Coco, Drew, and Lugo were a combined 0-for-11 with 3 K’s and 8 runners left on base. The Sox have scored 2 runs or less in 6 of their last 10 games. Time for Tito to take the boys behind the woodshed for a little old-school discipline. Because while this little crapstain was going on, the Yankees were busy winning their 8th straight. And yes, A-Rod homered again.

While I’m in such a pissy mood, let me rant for a moment about the radio broadcast. Glen Geffner must go. Can the guy talk or what! Every couple innings, he’s supposed to be doing the play-by-play while Castig does the color. But the guy doesn’t shut up long enough for poor Joe to get a word in, like he’s Mrs. Castiglione for Chrissakes. Even Joe stopped listening last night – these are two of the exchanges I heard last night during about 20 minutes of the auditory torture.

Glenn: That was Manny’s 1,550th RBI, tying him for 37th on the all-time list with Fred McGriff.

::ten seconds later::

Joe: Manny’s RBI was his 1,550 in his career. That puts him 38th, no, tied for 37th on the all-time list.


Glenn: Of course the Rockies were an offensive powerhouse for years. They called them the Blake Street Bombers with the likes of Vinny Castilla, Dante Bichette, Larry Walker and Andres Galarraga. They put up some impressive numbers.

Joe: What’s they used to call them, the Blake Street Bombers or

The petition to bring back Trup starts now.

Tonight, we get the ace, Mr. Perfect, Josh Beckett. Some hits would be nice, too.