A few months ago, I mentioned this:

Here’s a parlor game I like to play with some of my ex-con friends. We sit around, get liquored up, and then name players who “would have made great Yankees.” The theory behind the game is quite simple; as Red Sox fans, we view the Yankees as the Joker to our Batman. Yet there are always those players for whom we have so much distaste, it is almost as if they were Yankees, even though they never actually donned the pinstripes. Hence, these players “would have made great Yankees,” because we already didn’t really care for them that much, and being part of the Bronx Bombers would have simply made it “official.”

Anyway, I always go with Shea Hillenbrand, AKA the Most Punchable Face in Baseball. I can totally see him getting in some cheap shots during a Sox-Yankees brawl, then jumping into the arms of Giambi or Posada.

And now, whadaya know; according to The Post, the Yanks are actually considering signing Senorita Tough Guy. And I can’t think of a better team for him to be on.

Meanwhile, great quote in today’s Globe from Okajima’s translator regarding the, oh let’s call them idiosyncracies of Turner Field.

Another ground ball to third and Okajima was out of the inning, though surprisingly, he required no explanation of what all the chanting was about, even though the “tomahawk chop” doesn’t exactly get much play in Kyoto, Okajima’s hometown.

“I explained it to him yesterday,” said his translator, Jeff Yamaguchi. “He was asking me about it. He also said that big drum in center field was very loud.”

He must mean… this drum:

Honestly, every time I see stuff like this, I just start counting the days until we get back to Fenway. Although that third girl from the left is money.

Oh, and it’s official: Tampa Bay’s Carl Crawford is a super-hero.