Last night on Letterman, Matt Damon strolled onto the stage in a Sox jersey, greeting Dave with, “So how’s your summer goin’?”

And it just got better from there.

Note: I got a few e-mails asking if we were suddenly on the Worldwide Pants payroll. Sadly, no; absolute coincidence on having two Dave-centric posts back-to-back. I grabbed the photo of pre-Late Night Letterman off an obscenely wacky vid on YouTube (who can tell me what it’s from? anyone? Bueller?) because it seemed so goofy and kinda fit the “after dark” theme I was going for. Then this morning, my pal Jen informs me that Damon was on the Late Show last night in his Sox jersey. So the hunt for a clip was on.

Oh, and lastly: The Sox-Yanks rivalry. As explained by two hot chicks.