…might as well pick up a bottle of CaberKnuckle, Manny Being Merlot or Schilling Schardonnay and help out some worthwhile charities.

Myself, I’m not much of a wine drinker (unless, of course, it’s free). But if someone was to slap Julian Tavarez’ face on a 40-ounce and call it, I dunno, Tavarwrecked — I’m totally there. In fact, I’m amazed that there aren’t more Sox player/booze mash-ups available to us, the drinking public. Why can’t I walk into my local liquor emporium and buy a case of “LocoCoco” or “Youk Juice!” or “Mike Timlin’s Drink Like a Man, Motherf–ker Malt Liquor” or “Hazel Mae, Especially After a Few More Glasses of This”?

Actually, maybe not so much on the “Youk Juice”. But you get the point.

Tonight, the lads come back home. And not a moment too soon. We’ll see you before the game, champs.