Ahhh, yes. Step out the front door, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Smell it? You probably don’t recognize it, it’s the smell of a first-place AL East finish for the Sox. It’s been a while since that particular scent wafted through the streets of Boston. But don’t worry, if you miss it today, it’ll be around tomorrow. All summer as a matter of fact.

Last night was another one of those games that Red Sox teams of the past (2004 excluded because, well, you know) would have found a way to let it slip away. An errant throw in a critical situation, a 4-pitch walk with two outs and the best opposing hitter on-deck, who would inevitably hit a two-run homer. But not these guys. They make the throws, they make the pitches, and guys like Youk, they make the plays at either corner of the infield.

The Dice-man started a little shaky, but his shite together in a hurry. The offense came up with the hits they needed against a great outing by a future Hall-of-Famer, and the bullpen finished the deal.

Ten-and-a-half games up, and a very soft home schedule on the horizon, you do the math. Time to start getting the play-off rotation in order.