I guess now we know what it takes to get Matsuzaka a win. The offense ain’t gonna help, so it’s all about the $100 million arm. The Red Sox have been woeful at providing any kind of run support for the new guy. But yesterday all they would need is one, and Manny provided the one with a long-overdue Fenway homer. After the games, Dice-K smiles and says all the right things – or does he? Thanks to some crash Japanese lessons, SG has been following the post-game interviews and it seems translator Masa Hoshino might be “fixing up” the answers to the questions.

On his performance…

Hoshino Translation: “This was the first time I was able to hold the opponent to zero runs and at the same time I was able to protect our slim and precious one-run lead, so, in that sense, I’m very happy with my performance today.”

SG Translation: “These Red Sox bats are weak and undisciplined. One run? If I want a win, I must get it myself. No more DH’s hitting for me. I’ll handle this.”

On Osamu Higashio, Matsuzaka’s manager with the Seibu Lions watching his outing…

Hoshino Translation: “Ultimately, I was able to show Higashio what I think was my best performance today, so I feel that he’ll be able to return to Japan happy.”

SG Translation: “Higashio begged me to return to Japan with him. He brought a very large suitcase to sneak me back home in. But I’m staying, don’t worry. Not too many blonds and redheads in Japan. I like blonds and redheads.”

On facing Bonds with two runners on…

Hoshino Translation: . “Well, that was definitely the biggest jam that I faced during the game in a situation where I couldn’t avoid having to challenge him. At the same time, I felt that I wanted to challenge him, but overall I was just careful not to make any mistakes that he could get solid contact on.”

SG Translation: “Barry Bonds has no chance against me. He is like Godzilla in the old movies – he does damage against the weak but fails against the strong. I own his oversized head and undersized berries.”

There you have it, there’s a new sheriff in town. We think there were a couple of “Yankees suck” in there as well. But anyway, the “no run support” torch has been passed from Wake to Dice K. At least that means we can count on lots of runs today, and if we’re lucky, Bonds will pull a groin flailing at a knuckle ball.

Prediction: Manny comes alive, 3-for-4 with another homer.