Jerry and D.O. made the announcement during last night’s debacle in Seattle, but I had to scan the web before believing this one. But it’s true, Dice-K Matsuzaka and the Red Sox are releasing “Music From The Mound” on July 17th. The disc is a compilation of Japanese and American artists hand-picked by the Dice-man to benefit The Red Sox Foundation. Tracks include “The Second Coming” – featured on Nike b-ball commercials, and “Gyro Ball” – a song that somehow includes Don and Jerry. Classic.

Unfortunately, that was the best news to come out of Seattle last night. On the field, things didn’t go so well. Julian Tavarez took the loss but it was back-to-back bases-loaded walks by Kyle Snyder and a batting-practice quality appearance by Mike Timlin that put a fresh coat of ugly on this one. Timlin is another guy who we have to tip our cap to, thank for his contribution over the years – especially ’04 – and say goodbye to.

Tavarez was cruising – just one run on two hits through four. In the fifth, he stumbled off the mound striking out Jose Vidro, and things just fell apart. No doubt he hurt himself and tried to pitch through it. Look for an injury report later…

The Sox had their chances against Jeff Weaver but couldn’t get the big hit they needed. Coco (2 hits) and JD (2 RBI) continue to look like they’re busting out of their funk, while Julio Lugo strengthens his case for a seat on the bench – 0-for-3 dropping his average to a buck-ninety-one.

Tonight, Kason Gabbard gets the start against Feliz Hernandez. I’ll have to tap another keg of Red Bull and get plenty of rest at the office so I can stay up for this. Gabbard tends to get lost in the shadows of Lester and Clay Buchholz, but this kid could be a part of the Red Sox rotation in ’08 and beyond. And maybe we’ll get a bigger sample of “Gyro Ball” during the broadcast.