The last word on Curt’s near no-hitter last week comes from Canada’s Globe and Mail, which informs us that David Ortiz may have been the only guy in the free world who wasn’t aware that Schill had a no-hitter going.

David Ortiz, whose first-inning homer accounted for the only run Curt Schilling needed Thursday during Schilling’s no-hit run, says he had no clue what was going on with his pitcher until he looked at the scoreboard with one down in the ninth.

“I looked up at all the zeroes and saw a zero under the `H’ and said, `Wait a minute!'” Ortiz said. “When I looked around, everyone was going like this (putting a finger to his lips). I was like, `Ohhhhhhhh!’ Then I started getting nervous.”

Boston teammate Alex Cora could hardly believe Ortiz was oblivious to what was going on. “How many people were in the stadium?” he asked. “Twenty-five (in the Oakland dugout), 24 (in Boston’s dugout) and he was the only one not watching the game?”