Anybody else see the resemblance? A younger, less cheeky Curt, who actually used a comb once in a while? Anyway, the Schill pitches tonight on the heels of his near-no-no and after what Wakey did to the Rockies last night, ya gotta expect a good outing.

And it is definitely time for the bats to enjoy a little home cooking. Now that Lugo has been relegated to the basement with the old Christmas decorations and some unused home gym equipment, maybe the rest of the line-up can get it started. According to Tito on WEEI today, Pedie will sit in favor of Cora and Coco will lead off. Sounds like a plan – can’t really question any of Francona’s moves, they all pretty much seem to work.

Meanwhile in New York, the Yankees have won a bunch of games in a row, and still nobody cares.