Everybody remembers Grill-Gate, right? Just Manny being Manny. But what are other players selling on eBay? Surviving Grady knows…

Dustin Pedroia: Be the proud owner of Dustin’s childhood height chart. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to follow Dustin as he grew from little boy to…little man. Still visible is the pencil mark Mommy Pedroia made at the 5’6″ mark when Dustin left for college!
Mike Lowell: Did you think Mikey invented that bad-ass facial hair? Hardly. It is fashioned after his boyhood idol, GI Joe. Just imagine that pick axe is a baseball bat, and the resemblance is uncanny. Get your own mini-Mike!
Mike Timlin: What’s better than animal carcasses? You can never have too many. Use them as scatter rugs, blankets, wall hangings, and even bath towels. And bask in the knowledge that they were all killed with Mike Timlin’s bare hands!
Matt Clement: Remember him? Funky little beard, used to be a pitcher? Yeah, he’s still on the Red Sox. Matt used to spend his nights between starts walking around the clubhouse reciting the Gettysburg Address. And he wasn’t wearing his Sox cap. We just hope he was wearing pants.
Oh, yeah, and there’s baseball today. Early start today for the make-up game so get those Black Labels on ice and fire up the breakfast grill.