I guess when you’re going up against baseball’s best pitcher, and you have your fifth starter on the mound, expectations are low. But then the unexpected happens, you get your chances against a guy like Santana, and Tavares pitches his ass off to keep you in the game. And that’s what makes it a kick-in-the-nuts loss. ‘Cause the Sox could have won this one, and it would have been a nice one to have in the bank.

The Sox loaded the bases in the second but didn’t score, had first and second in the third, but again squandered it. They were even able to knock Santana out after just five innings, not because they were scoring but they were driving up his pitch count. They just couldn’t get the hit when they needed it. Four innings of any one’s bullpen usually means a few runs, but the Sox didn’t even manage a hit against the Twins’ pen last night.

Meanwhile, Tavares looked pretty freakin‘ good. He was throwing some filthy stuff, and of course, doing that insane-traffic-cop waving and pointing on every ground ball. I’ve really warmed up to Tavares. He brings that “you never know” feeling to every game. At any moment, he could charge the plate to take on the batter, or just wander quietly into the stands and order a hot dog and a beer. To me, that’s entertainment.

Is anyone else starting to get the feeling that Coco Crisp is kind of, you know, soft? Every time he starts playing well, he’s out of the line-up. A stiff neck? Pay me a few mill a year and I’ll show up to play in a full body cast. Man up, Coco.

Today, we get Dr. Schilling making a house call at 2:05. Don’t be late.