I really wish Julian would consider changing the spelling of his last name. Imagine being able to put pictures up of these dudes every five days without the onslaught of “it’s spelled with a Z” e-mails I’m sure to get? Ah, well. So the Red Sox lost a game last night. Wake didn’t have his best stuff, nemesis Magglio “I’m so pretty” Ordonez took him deep, and the bats went a little cold. You can’t win ’em all. Hmmm, that’s kinda catchy.

Tonight, we get our favorite 5th starter. He doesn’t rock the Afro, probably can’t sing, and most likely won’t take the hill wearing plaid pants and platform shoes, but pretty much anything else is possible. I’ve got a good vibe about the game tonight. I think JT gets the win behind a Fenway explosion of offense. You can’t keep these bats quiet, and Maroth puts a lot of guys on base anyway. Sounds like a winning combination, kinda like eggs and kielbasa for breakfast.

In other news, the Yankees still suck.