First of all, can I just say that the dude in the commercial pictured above — which is in heavy rotation during Sox games on NESN — is a frickin’ comedic genius. I literally laff my arse off everytime I see this thing. Check the way, when the kids ask him if his museum has specific displays, he kinda gives them a blank stare before delivering an emphatic yet uninspired, “No.” Then the way he explains that his museum does have a display of a local gopher in its natural habitat. All of this is tablesetting for the money shot: when the kids say, “that’s not a gopher,” and he replies, with a sly grin and a bizarre twinkle in his eye, “Yeah, it is!” I want this guy doing fan interviews at Fenway Park before each game. Come on, NESN. This would be golden.

Anyway. The Red Sox.

The minute I mention that the Sox are riding a wave of unstoppable awesomeness will be the minute that Matsuzaka tears his elbow, Josh Beckett breaks his ankle and Youk and Papi announce they’re leaving baseball to film a grittier, updated version of Tenspeed and Brownshoe.

So let’s just keep all this good fortune and our comfortable lead atop the AL East on the QT.

Today, Beckett goes for 8-0. And I’ll be ghost like Swayze. Back in a week, people. Till then, you are placed in Denton’s capable hands.

Don’t let him pull his “Hey, I’m a magician. Watch me make my pants disappear” bullshyte.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom!