Ever get the feeling that things are going too good for us? That the AL East race is ending before the All Star ballots have even been tabulated? I mean, seriously. What the Red Sox are experiencing these days has gotta be the way Andre the Giant used to feel when he’d step into the wrestling ring and watch all these tiny, mere mortals buzzing around, trying in vain to take him down, praying for a foot to the coconut to put them out of their misery.

The biggest surprise last night wasn’t that the Red Sox beat the formidable offense that is the Cleveland Indians, or that Trot Nixon got one of the loudest ovations ever to rattle the Fens, but that Kevin Youkilis has got one mad set of wheels. Like a guy desperate to make last call at the local strip joint, The Youk nailed a shot to the gap and made the full trip around the bases standing up, and all the while keeping his 100% milk chocolate beard intact.

We also had Schilling going 7 and striking out 10, another home run from Manny who is now officially on auto-pilot, and a nice one-two punch from Drew and Lowell in the fourth to put us on the board and perhaps alert us to the damage these two will be causing this summer.

It wasn’t without its anxious moments. The Papel-Bot was on the precipice of a blown save when, with two on and one out, the ump said Casey Blake was hit by a pitch before changing his mind and calling him out for swinging at the pitch that hit him (for those wanting more clarification, the whole thing is descibed at the Globe’s Sox blog by my internet wife, Amalie Benjamin).

But in the end, it was all Sox. And if Josh Beckett comes back tonight and picks up where he left off… is there anyone who can truly challenge us this season?

Meanwhile, as if things weren’t going bad enough for the Yanks, what with them now being tied for the AL East basement, the OC is hating on New York fans:

The New York Yankees might have the most fans, but they don’t have the best fans. So says Angels shortstop Orlando Cabrera.

“They don’t appreciate good baseball,” he said. “They just appreciate the Yankees beating up on everybody.”

“In Boston, they admire baseball. In Anaheim, those fans are some of the best in baseball. They know you care there. They know you can’t do it every day. I appreciate that.

“These people here, they’re mean. And they’re really mean to the other team.”

I don’t know about you, but my man-love for Cabby has just multiplied by twenty.

We’ll see you this afternoon. Meanwhile, steer clear of the Julian Tavarez porno.