I’m not sure what else there is to say about yesterday’s come-from-behind win that hasn’t been said. The bottom line: Sam Perlozzo crapped himself at the thought of taking two-out-of-three in Fenway, and handed the game to the Red Sox. My inability to make any kind of accurate prediction is well-documented over the years. But I will give myself credit for this: as soon as Hernandez dropped that pop-up, the first thought in my head – OK, the second thought, the first had to do with Rachel – was that the Sox could come back. It’s like 2004, my confidence in these guys and optimism for someone to step up is unshakable. The error reminded me – ironically enough considering the last play of the game – of Kevin Millar saying in October of ’04 “just don’t let us win tonight.” This team will sieze any opportunity, any small miscue that would go unnoticed against any other team, and beat them with it.

That’s enough of that. Now, let’s get down to what really matters. Red is not here. He has no access from where he is. And if you know Red, the combination of him and Las Vegas, well, who can be sure he’ll ever be back? In short, there’s a new sheriff in town. And I have a few rules that this Blog will operate under until further notice:

1) There will be no Star Wars references
2) There will be no mention of puppets (including sock puppets, finger puppets and Red’s life-sized Impossible Dream Team puppet collection) or marionettes
3) Curt Schillings berries are out – unless there is an injury or a fight that requires mentioning them
4) Rachel McAdams is “IT” – no Hazel Mae, no Gwen Stefani
5) Dr. Who? Out

My rules are simple. I am a kind and just ruler. Should Red decide to come back from Sin City, and assuming he retained his razor-thin grasp on sanity, I’ll deal with the consequences. Having fun yet?