Remember the feeling when Pedro Martinez was pitching? Man, that was like a goddam holiday in my house. I’d organize all the drinks, the meats, the K cards, the Pedro totem doll and sock puppet, the Powerpoint presentation to effectively convey the beatdown Petey was about to dole out. When the Sox were at bat, hell, I could use some of that time to do my laundry, paint the fence, catalogue my porno. But when Pedro was on the mound… I just had to soak it all in.

Oddly, I feel the same way about Tavarez’ starts. And I can’t even explain the fascination. I think it’s mainly because he’s become such a cult icon on this team… you really don’t know if he’s going to punch someone, hug someone, ride a donkey back and forth from the mound or start waltzing with Manny in left field.

For those of you not barbecuing or cleaning out the pool or running numbers, I invite you to join us, here. To soak up this afternoon’s (3:00 ET) match-up against Kameron Loe and the Texas Rangers.

Pants, as always, are optional.