Remember that scene in History of the World: Part I where Moses brings down the commandments?

Moses: The Lord, the Lord Jehovah has given unto you these fifteen…

::drops one of the tablets::

Moses: Oy! Ten! Ten commandments for all to

I’m pretty sure one of the inscriptions on that third tablet was: “The American League and National League shall only meet in the World Series, never before.”

So when I look out the window and see water pouring from the sky on the day that starts baseball’s sideshow, I’m OK with it. The boys get a night off after a doubleheader and I don’t have to watch interleague play. It will be a toss-up between Soul Plane and, oddly enough, History of the World: Part I on FMC, whatever channel that is.

But let’s talk real baseball, Red Sox – Tigers. The good guys take 3-out-of-4, including the doubleheader sweep, and now have a 9-and-a-half game stranglehold on the AL East.

I’ve gotta give the game one award to my man Tavarez. Seven strong innings against a tough Tiger line-up. It looked like it might be a long afternoon for the bullpen in the 5th when Julian gave up a run but ended up leaving the bases loaded. Just when his pitch count was getting in the red zone, JT gets out of the 6th on just 6 pitches. He comes out for the 7th, and only needs 13 pitches, including back-to-back K’s of Inge and Granderson. Suddenly, the Sox are in OkajimaPapelbon territory with the lead: game over.

Game two was all about Eric Hinske. In the 5th, Hinske won ESPN’s Web Gem for the night with a full-out, horizontal-to-the-ground, face-planting catch to save a run with the Sox already trailing 2-1. Hinske came up in the 7th with a runner on the score tied at 2, and promptly dropped the ball into the bullpen to give the Sox the lead.

So it becomes another one of those days where everyone contributes and the heroes are not named Schilling or Ortiz.

Enjoy the off-day, folks, I’m going back to work on my ark.