It’s no secret that Geddy Lee of Rush is a huge baseball fan; you can often see the dude sitting his rock star ass in the premium box at the Rogers Centre — not a bad place to be when you consider the beer girls. But I found this neat bit in a recent article at in which he also speaks of his love of fantasy baseball, and for one pitcher in particular:

Lee has made some nifty moves to earn his recent championships and finished in second place in 2006. He traded for Vladimir Guerrero and Ryan Howard when they were both in the minor leagues. Lance Berkman and Carlos Beltran have also been key players on his contending squads.

“Curt Schilling was really the only starting pitcher who I insisted on keeping from year to year,” Lee said. “Then last year, I had to let him go and that was pretty sad.”

Ya hear that, Roger?

Oh, and also: anybody wanna buy Pedro Martinez’ house?