These days are good, they are. We get to watch the Yanks fold up like a paper tiger while the Red Sox continue to decimate anything that steps into their path. This morning they’re just hangin’ in their Sunday easy clothes, polishing up an 11-1/2 game lead in the East. And on top of all this, Manny’s suddenly on a tear, going 4-for-4 last night in our second straight win against the Rangers. It’s an embarassment of riches, folks. But when the best team in baseball plays the worst, it’s exactly the sort of sh-t that needs to go down. Anything less than a sweep is unacceptable; these are the games we need to fatten up on, to bank against Paps or Papi goin’ down for an extended DL stay this summer.

Man, just think of the sort of lead we’d have if, say, J.D. Drew showed up. Although… sometimes I wonder if he already has.