And Tim Wakefield has been kicking ass in a Red Sox uni since the likes of Beckett and Papelbon were counting hairs on their chests and getting milk money from mom and dad. Tonight, Wake will try to help the Sox sweep the Jays on their own turf. But not if Toronto GM J.P. Ricciardi has his way. Ricciardi vowed to keep the dome open tonight, citing Wakefield’s knuckleball prowess when the dome is closed.

The Sox have to keep the bats thumping for Wake. Not an easy task with the Jays sending Doc Halladay to the mound. Joy of Sox tells us that the Red Sox have scored just 16 runs in Wake’s last 11 starts while he’s been in the game. Tonight’s gotta be the night they change that stat a bit.

The team has been swinging hot bats up and down the line-up. Four more bombs last night in support of Dice-K, with even Julio Lugo joining the party. Maybe Manny should be giving him nightly head rubs? Or maybe he should add J.D. Drew to the list of head rubs. Drew is one of the few Sox not hitting of late – he is in the midst of a 7-for-53 slump over his past 14 games.

I’m holding out hope that tonight is the night Overbay gets his due. A well-placed fastball to the twig-n-berries and he’ll think twice before F’ing with the Boston Red Sox. Barring any pizza-throwing or head-rubbing or paper airplane antics, D.O. and Remdawg will have their game faces on for this one.