The Meat Man said it ain’t bad. But he was talking about love and relationships or somethin‘. We’re talking about baseball. Not just any baseball – Red Sox – Yankees baseball. And when you go up 2-0 in a three-game series and you have Dice-K tossing against Chase Wright in Fenway Park, two out of three sucks. So how about we keep the bats swinging and bust out the brooms tonight?

Yesterday was another big April win. Becks didn’t have his best stuff early, or maybe he was distracted by some scantily-clad fans on the first summery day, but it all worked out in the end. Beckett made it into the seventh and let the ‘pen take over. New fan-favorite Hideki Okajima got a couple outs, old fan-favorite Mike Timlin got a couple more, then it’s all Papelbon.

Big Papi provided some offense, but so did the much-maligned bottom of the order. Lowell, Tek, Coco and Cora went a combined 6-for-14. I’ll take that any day and twice on Sunday. It looks like Coco might finally be getting comfortable as he added two more hits and stole a base.

Another beautiful day in Boston and another look at Dice-K tonight. If we can suffer through the inane commentary of Joe Morgan, we might have some fun.