Happy Easter, Red Sox Nation. It will certainly take a better effort from Curt Schilling and the boys to make this a happy one from a baseball standpoint. Maybe the Easter Bunny brought some timely hitting in a few of the Red Sox‘ baskets this morning?

The much-maligned “bottom of the order” – with the exception of Duston Pedroia – has lived down to expectations. Coco continues to be invisible at the plate. I don’t know why, but I still think he’ll bust out and have a great year. Captain Tek, on the other hand, scares the bejesus out of me. He couldn’t be any less effective if he was swinging a length of pepperoni instead of a bat. And this is nothing new. It was the same way in spring training and for a good part of last season. David Ortiz looks very unPapi-like at the plate, but he’ll be fine. Right?

Watching Tavares pitch yesterday was a glaring reminder of why I did NOT like the move to put Papelbon back as the closer. If that’s what we’re going to get every fifth day until Lester is ready, we’ve got trouble. And what happened to the ‘pen? It’s 4-3, I go out to the kitchen to get a Cookie Dough ice cream re-fill, and suddenly it’s 8-3?

Oh, and did you know Sosa has now homered in 43 major league ballparks? One stat that went unmentioned – he’s also stuck a syringe in his ass in 43 major league clubhouses.

We’ll find out a little more tonight as far as what Schill has left. If I’m not in a chocolate-induced coma, I’ll be watching.