The Sox couldn’t have picked a better time to be heading north of the border to face their divison rivals. A good chunk of the Jays are currently hurt, on the DL, or just hypnotized by the gentle sway of the Rogers Centre beer girls. The walking wounded include third baseman Troy Glaus, closer BJ Ryan, and leadoff hitter Reed Johnson.

What’s significant here — besides the fact that this is likely the first time a team has had guys named “BJ” and “Johnson” on the DL at the same time — is that while the Jays’ offense is potent, the Sox are coming off a series in which they absolutely crushed the Angels into convenient, single-size servings. And we’ll be able to unleash this sturm und drang on Tomo Okha and cologne magnate Gustavo Chacin before we have to bend over and likely take one from Roy Halladay. So I’m figuring on a 2-1 showing.

But you can never underestimate those sneaky-ass Canadians. Just check out the Jays’ new ad campaign in which Frank Thomas knocks out children, A.J. Burnett torments a garbage man and Lyle Overbay hits some bride in the crotch with a bouquet. These guys seem to have a lot of anger issues.