Wow. That Wily Mo. Not a strong outfielder.

I know Manny’s not a strong outfielder, either — that “throw” he made after retrieving Lyle Overbay’s double stands as testament to this. But I’m willing to overlook the occasional mental trips to Arby’s because the guy’s hell with his bat. Hell, I say.

But Wily Mo? After a week of watching this guy stomp around centerfield like he’s chasing an ice cream truck and flail his bat like a smacked ass, I’m struggling to find The Upside of Pena.

As for Tavarez… well, with The Lester Rehabilitation Tour moving at full steam, it seems that Jools will be joining his pals in the bullpen soon. Though something tells me that his next start, tentatively scheduled for Sunday in the Bronx, will be a thing of beauty.

But, hey, you’re gonna have these games. The ones where you just bend over and take it, Ned Beatty-in-Deliverance-style, then turn your attention — quickly — to the next game. And tonight, weather permitting, we’ve got Curt Schilling against Daniel Cabrera at Camden. You gonna bet against Curt? I didn’t think so.

See you tonight.