The Daisuke Matsuzaka Nike commercial — which can be viewed at NESN’s website and will likely be all over YouTube by day’s end — is a thing of beauty, neatly packaging all our expectation, speculation and anticipation into a thirty-second clip. It also manages a pretty cool nod to Yankees’ fans curiousity over how Matsuzaka will fare; check the dude with the New York tatt on his neck. It ain’t Damon’s calf muscle that’s got him so concerned.

The point of it all seems to be that in the midst of all this whirlwind, Matsuzaka is the sort who finds a lovely calm, kinda like Sam Jackson when Tim Roth sticks a gun in his face toward the end of Pulp Fiction. And that’s a good thing, as it seems everyone in the free world will be watching, analyzing and dissecting his first official start in a Red Sox uni.

It’s today at 2:00, campers. Stay home, watch baseball.