Suddenly, everything is right again in the universe. Mr. Doubles is back, thank you very much. The Youk kicked off the 2007 Home Run Drive. The unholy trinity of Ortiz, Manny and Drew gave some glimpses of just how many ways they could be tormenting opposing pitchers this summer. And Josh — sweet, sweet Josh — gave up only two hits and one run over five innings.

Not that all our concerns have evaporated. Coco Crisp still looks lost and confused whenever he has a bat in his hand, like a gorilla who’s been handed a trombone. And Julio Lugo… I know it’s only been a couple games, but I somehow thought I’d be seeing him on base a lot more.

But these things will hopefully work themselves out in time. The first win of the season is officially under our collective belt, and we can now put our undivided attention where it belongs: this afternoon’s Zack Greinke start!