If Carl Pavano seemed a bit, er, distracted during Monday’s opener in the Bronx, he had pretty good reason. According to the New York Post, he’d been dumped by his super-freaking-hot girlfriend, model Gia Allemand, just a few days earlier.

The reason? According to Allemand, Pavano — who’s already been up close and personal with Alyssa Milano’s spectacular knockers — just couldn’t keep his hands off other women.

Allemand yesterday declined to discuss what led to their breakup.

But in an upcoming issue of Steppin’ Out magazine, the curvaceous beauty says she dumped Pavano, 31, because he played the field despite her dedication to his comeback effort.

After weeks of trying to patch things up, the sizzling Queens native finally decided to call it quits.

“I was the one that trained him and got him there all year,” she told Steppin’ Out’s Chaunce Hayden.

“I stood by him and didn’t work so I could help him out, and he cheats on me. Nice, right?”

Still, Gia’s apparently keeping Pavano’s well-being front and center:

Allemand insisted she doesn’t want to cause any headaches for Pavano. She’ll still be in Las Vegas when the Yankees take the field in The Bronx against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays Monday.

“That’s our personal life. I don’t think it needs to be in the paper,” she said. “I don’t want this to distract him at all.”

I’m no fan of Pavano’s, but I will say this: when your life has reached the point that screwing Gia Allemand actually becomes boring, you’re leading a pretty f–king charmed existance.