Well, we had a little surprise planned for SG Nation today but it didn’t quite work out. Now I’m on the hook for a post without the benefit of my hours of research and preparation that I need. So don’t expect much…

Todd Walker bagged 3.95M in arbitration. That’s the going rate for 9 homeruns and 53RBI? Not bad…

Bonds missed his second consecutive day of spring training with “the flu.” What’s the real story?

Speaking of juicers, Sosa hit a homerun yesterday. File that under “who gives a sh-t.”

Lugo made two horrible, Manny-like baserunning blunders yesterday and let a routine grounder go under his glove for his second error of the spring. Can I hear the “it’s only spring training” mantra, please.

Schilling looked good again in his second outing. Francona said Schill might add a change-up to his pitch selection this year. I’m guessing we’ll hear more on that from the horse’s mouth.

The Sox DON’T play Minnesota today, they face you-know-who and the Dodgers.

Don’t forget to change your clocks this weekend, and get your pets spayed or neutered – or both!