Toronto beat the Red Sox 1-0 yesterday. Yawn. Many of the regulars didn’t play for Boston, and the game was basically the A.J. Burnett show. Once the weather warms up a little in New England and the teams have been playing a few games, spring training gets old in a hurry. Opening Day is still 18 days away, and this guy is already bored with Fort Myers.
Thankfully, the sports God scheduled a solution for my boredom. A little thing called March Madness. Last night, Niagara won the play-in game for the dubious honor of getting waxed by Kansas in the first round. But tomorrow, the real fun begins. College hoop games practically around the clock for the next four days. Feverish studying of the brackets as the final scores roll in. And the bad does come with the good. Ass clowns like Dick Vitale will tell us for the 800th time that a 16-seed has never beaten a 1-seed. Endless showings of the Laettner game-winning basket. And around here, Oden, Oden, Oden.
When it’s all said and done, the NCAA will have a new champion. And baseball season begins.