Curt Schilling confirmed on WEEI this morning that he will indeed become a free agent. His decision was made final when he was informed by Theo that there would be no contract offer until after the season. And you thought Manny was a distraction?

There are two ways to look at this. To get Curt Schilling for $13 million is a bargain, or, to be held hostage by the demand of a 40-year-old pitcher with an ankle held together by silly putty and paper clips might not be good business.

Personally, I’d give him the deal. But it gives me secret pleasure to see Red Sox brass not buckling to Sir Schilling. He has done everything that his predecessors have been massacred for, but the adoration by fans and media is higher than ever.

He “retired” then changed his mind.
He showed up to camp out of shape by all accounts.
He is negotiating through the media.
He gave the Sox an ultimatum.

There have been a couple of other great pitchers in Sox uniforms who have dabbled in these areas and been crucified – see Pedro and Roger for example. Not Curt though. There is genuine outrage that the Red Sox won’t bow down and start throwing money at this guy. Why?

I’d love to see him have another great year and come back to finish his career in Boston. It’s the “Curt can do no wrong” mentality that bothers me. As far as distractions go, I’ll take Manny any day.