If you ever needed anything to get you psyched up for the start of the 2007 season, look no further than this Japanese beer ad featuring Daisuke. In his Red Sox uni.

Folks, there’s a new word for awesome. And that word is this video.

I’ve watched it about fifty times since NV posted the link in yesterday’s comments. And I gotta say, it fills me with the happy feeling.

I think what we need — what America needs — are more ads featuring Red Sox players chugging brewskis. I mean, check out the way D-Mat handles his man-sized thirst. Cool, right? You bet your ass it is, white boy. I’d love to see something similar with Ortiz pulling from a 40-ounce Haffenreffer. Or Tavarez guzzling Night Train. Or Timlin sucking the blood from a fresh-killed bison.

Look alive, folks. Baseball is coming. And we’re always ready to drink to that.