It’s Valentine’s Day, and we’re giving the love to Coco Crisp. If there’s one player on the Sox’ roster primed for a comeback year, it’s Coco. I mean, sure, the guy could do worse. But in his case, doing worse would involve putting on a fake beard and robbing families at knifepoint throughout Kenmore. The dude showed up here to fill Johnny Damon’s shoes; a pretty tall f–king order, if you ask me, especially when you ain’t bringing us no Mrs. Damon. And while he seemed to really, really want to live up to the hype and expectations — all smiles and gladhands and funny commercials with his Dad — he never did, particularly in the leadoff department. And that finger injury didn’t exactly set the tone, either. But that’s cool. Because it’s a new season, baby. And we’ve got bigger stuff to focus on throughout April. Like how Drew and Matsuzaka adapt. And where Roger’s gonna end up. So Coco will have plenty of space to get his sh-t together and claim that cult hero outfit we’ve been holding for him.