This is it, folks. We’ve just about survived another off-season and now it’s the stretch run until Truck Day, pitchers and catchers, and Spring Training. Until then, news is slow. There is some big football game tomorrow, the Celts just set a team record for consecutive losses, and…I guess that’s it.

My senses crave seeing the warm Fort Myers days, the crisp uniforms and green grass, and of course, the sound of Rem Dawg calling the game. Every winter seems longer than the last, even as mild as this one was in New England. And every spring, we look at the team with the highest of expectations and an unflappable sense of hope. This season is no different.

The acquisition of Matsuzaka tops my list of reasons for thinking of October when it’s barely February. Manny being Manny in a Red Sox uniform helps. Lester working out is a huge bonus. Break-out years for Wily Mo and Beckett? Maybe. Right now, it’s all good. I even scored some tickets last Saturday after my sentence in the “virtual waiting room.”

Who’s on truck watch?