Good teams ride the talent of a superstar. Great teams find a way to fight through adversity and win playoff games. If you saw these stats, what would you think?…

51 total rushing yards
3 Brady interceptions
187 total yards and 2 TD’s for LT

Throw in the worst call ever turned over by review, and you’d have to think the Pats were dusting off the golf clubs. But there are three major factors involved: Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Marty Schottenheimer. These were the signs of the Apocolypse for Charger fans as they watched the Patriots come back from 8 points late in the fourth to score a touchdown, add the two-point conversion, and later kick the go-ahead field goal.

The Chargers got the ball back and tried a long field goal to tie, but it was short and wide. Had they had one more time-out, they probably would have been able to move the ball closer and give their kicker a better shot. But Marty-ball prevailed and he squandered a time-out challenging a call that had absolutely no shot of being reversed. Game over.

To add to the beauty of the win, football god LaDainian Tomlinson lost his cool after the game and had to be restrained by teammates. He was apparently upset by the Patriots celebrating on the Charger logo at midfield. It’s called winning, LT, maybe someday you’ll know what it feels like in the playoffs.

Next week the Pats head out to Indy where they will stomp the Colts en route to a Superbowl matchup versus the Saints. The perfect distraction until spring training.