In addition to Kelly’s Roast Beef sandwiches, Ortlieb’s beer and girls who drink Jaegermeister, I’m a sucker for photos of rock stars with baseball players. Don’t ask me why; there’s just something incredibly weird and satisfying about a coupla millionaires mugging for a supposed “photo op.”

So here’s my Tuesday morning challenge: Let’s see how many “baseball player/rock star” photos we can dig up. I’ve already found a couple; Cheap Trick’s Rick Neilsen and Boomer, and, my personal fave, the obligatory shirtless-Joe-Perry-with-Roger-Clemens shot. You can e-mail ’em to us or just leave a link in the comments section. The best (or, shall we say, most surreal) gets a Mighty Ortiz T-shirt. Runner-up gets a copy of Surviving Grady: The Book. As always, bonus points for anything involving groupies.