Curt Schilling announced yesterday that he will pitch in the 2008 season, just a few short weeks after confirming his retirement during a WEEI interview. In that earlier interview, when asked if there was any chance that he would change his mind, Schilling was adamant…OK, rude; cutting off the question with a firm “no.” The story has changed and he is looking for a contract extension from the Red Sox. But what if the Sox can’t come to an agreement before the season? According to Schill “If I go into this season without a contract from the Red Sox then I will go out and find a home for 2008.”

It will be very interesting to see what type of deal Schilling is looking for. Just as interesting will be the reaction of Red Sox Nation. Schilling is regarded with almost god-like reverence by most Red Sox fans and media alike. The same crowd that wanted nothing to do with an “aging, broken-down” Pedro will probably be willing to unlock the vault and drop truckloads of cash at the Schilling Estate in Medfield. Don’t get me wrong – the guy is a great pitcher, and nothing can diminish what he did in the 2004 post-season – but I could do without the political commentary and his all-knowing attitude.

In other news, it looks like the Helton deal is falling apart. The stories vary on why. Either the Sox were unwilling to part with Hansen or MDC, or the Rockies were not ready to pick up enough of Helton’s 90 mil. Whatever the reason, we might be back to Youkilis starting at first. A precipitous drop offensively from what Helton would bring.

Finally, the cheating, lying, big-headed, steroid monkey passed his physical and will be back in a Giants uni trying to break the HR record. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.