1) Would you mess with Tigger?
This kid apparently did, and got a left hook to the face. The father “just wants Tigger to apologize.” Riiight. I smell lawsuit. And by the way, Tigger is a character, he’s not real.
2) Can the Pats beat LT and the Chargers?
I think so. But not if they continue to have defensive lapses where they give up 70+ yard touchdowns and get tagged for stupid cheapshots. Should be a great game.
3) What is going on with J.D. Drew?
Anyone? Anyone? Bueller
4) Is Randy Johnson the ugliest baseball player ever?
I mean, there’s been some pretty fierce competition with guys like Willie McGee and Otis “my man” Nixon, but the Big Ugly has to win the prize.
5) Who will be the BCS National Champion?
Who cares? And why is the game on a full week after New Year’s?