Day one of the winter meetings is in the books and we’ve got nothing to show for it but more rumors. I guess I’m getting a bit impatient this off-season, I was scanning the web for the big update. The blockbuster deal that Theo is surely working on. The Alex Cora for Andruw Jones deal, or the plan to get the re-animated Ted Williams back. Something. Anything.

Rumors and speculation are all we have for now. Maybe a closer in return for Manny, maybe a multi-player deal with the Angels including O-Cab? Maybe, but we’ve known about most of these deals for months. For my sanity, I hope this week doesn’t pass by and the team is as unsettled as it is today. Working on my scale-model of Fenway constructed out of toothpicks and watching Rockford Files reruns isn’t going to keep me functioning until spring.

My final thoughts on the Manny situation (and when I say final I mean not final). If they don’t make a trade now, we’ll be fine. He’ll show up ready to play and have a huge first half and still want to be traded in July. Fine. The danger is not trading him by the deadline. What could happen? Take a look at the last six weeks of 2006.

Updates on Matsuzaka?

Great News: Latest scans on Lester came back clean. He was quoted as saying he expects to report to spring training.