In my “book of best Saturdays” you will find no mention of December 9, 2006. After an open bar Christmas party Friday night, I drag my hung-over ass out of bed at 10:00AM, stinking of Tequila, cigar smoke, and something reminiscent of old milk, to get some Red Sox tickets. The result? After six hours in the “virtual waiting room” watching my screen refresh every 30 seconds and waiting for my head to explode, I now have standing room only tickets to an Orioles game in May. Great system.

ESPN is reporting the Matsuzaka talks are breaking down. According to “a source familiar with the situation,” Boras has been uninterested in negotiations. I’m not buying any of it. What motivation is there for anyone involved not to get a deal done? The Lions would have to give back the $51 million. Matsuzaka would have to pitch for a team he doesn’t want to pitch for, risking poor performance or injury that could impact his salary next year, and Boras would look like he couldn’t get the deal done and risk his future representing Japanese other players. The deal will be done by Thursday.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to re-live last century’s glory days, the Yankees gave Andy Pettitte a one year $16 million contract. Pettitte was 14-13 with a 4.2 ERA in the National League last season. The AL East will not be kind to him.

For today, it’s all football. The Pats will not struggle in Miami, and the Colts will struggle with the Jags.