The much-rumored deals have finally been confirmed. JD Drew and Julio Lugo will both be wearing Red Sox colors next season. As if we haven’t beat this to death before the signing, let’s take a look at these new additions. First things first, both are being grossly overpaid. Even in the new-post-market-correction market, grossly overpaid.

JD Drew
Positive spin: Should add a solid bat to the line-up. Career number are 286/393/512/905 with 30+ double and 25+ HR potential.
Negative spin: In half of his seasons as a major-leaguer, he’s played in less than 110 games. He is often injured and hasn’t produced the RBI numbers one would expect. And he is ofen injured.
Summary: Money aside, this deal still hinges on Manny. Hitting in the fifth spot, Drew would be a huge addition, if he has to hit third or fourth, this could be a disaster. Side note – don’t let the guy wear #7, he’s coming into town under fire as it is, don’t add to the pressure. Finally, why is he “JD” if his name is David Jonathan?

Julio Lugo
Positive spin: Ahhh, friends with David Ortiz?
Negative spin: Lots of errors.
Summary: This reeks of player infatuation ala Edgah. I’m not buying into “needing production from the SS position” argument. If that were the case, bring back Cabrera for less money and better fielding. And cool handshakes. I guess if the Sox are paying per error, A-Gon and Lugo make the same money?

There has been so much media attention and pre-signing discussion that these guys are coming into town already needing to prove themselves. If they start out cold, the Fenway fickle will be sure to voice their unhappiness.

A few non-hot-stove updates:

Congratulations to frequent SG commenter “Cyn” for being mentioned in Jon Lester’s conference call. She has single-handedly led the charge to support Lester and raise cancer awareness as well as donations at You can also find her at her Red Sox Chick blog. Great job, Cyn!

There will be an unofficial, informal Surviving Grady get-together this Sunday at Game On starting at 12:30. Check the “Comments” to find more info. These excursions are always entertaining. And that’s all I’ll say about that…

Finally, for the ladies…