Just some random stuff, in no particular order.

— The D’s new film, Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny, gets no love at the box office. Debuting at number 11? How can this be? Is Vladimir Putin somehow behind it? He must be. He’s poisioning spies and trying to squash the D. But we know better. At SG, we give the D the love. See that photo above? That’s the love.

— The Sox signed Hideki Okajimi, the Japanese lefty, to bolster the bullpen. Last season, “Okaji” was with the Nippon Ham Fighters, which is the greatest sports team name in the history of sports team names.

— Our pal Allan Wood at Joy of Sox is a finalist for Best Sports Blog in the Canadian Blog Awards. Today’s the last day to vote, so if you have a moment, cast your ballot for Joy (“Best Sports Blog” is category 13). C’mon, do we really want some site about the Edmonton Oilers beating up on the Sox? It’s your patriotic duty!

— Watching far too much VH-1 Classic of late, and it’s increasingly clear that the ’80s was the golden age of the music video. The art form was relatively new, people really didn’t know what the hell to do with it, and artists whose music sucked but were somewhat photogenic — i.e., Huey Lewis and the News, Huey Lewis and the News, and Huey Lewis and the News — could suddenly become quadruple-platinum sellers. One thing that makes those ’80s vids interesting is the fact that they’re all so friggin’ different. Check out MTV2 these days; every last video looks the same: “Rap” videos are full of cars and gold chains and girls in tight shorts. “Rock” videos are dark, gloomy, and full of girls in tight shorts. Not that I’m complaining about that last thing. But come on, everything — everything — looks the same. In the ’80s, ninety percent of what you saw was shite, but at least each video had a distinct shitey look about it. The best of the bunch: Tony Carey’s “A Fine Fine Day.” Guy with long hair! A mob hit! Awkward lip-synching! MTV meets Martin Scorsese! Twenty years later, I remember every friggin’ frame of it. Who will say the same of Nelly’s “Ride Wit Me” in 2026? Just click below and let the good vibes overwhelm you, Sugar.