In what seems to be an effort to erase any evidence of the 2004 championship team, the Red Sox have announced their new broadcast team. That’s right, no more “Way Back!” on every fly ball that leaves the infield, Jerry Trupiano has left the building.

If I’m not mistaken, the only World Series alumni from 2004 are:

Schilling, Timlin, Wakefield, Tek, Mirabelli, Youk, Manny and Ortiz. And of course, RemDawg.

It’s a little sad to think about the great chemistry we watched in 2004 and realize memories are all we have. After following the hot stove frenzy this off-season, I have to ask: have the Red Sox adopted the Yankee business plan to put an all-star team on the field and try to buy a championship?

Doug Mirabelli seems to be the exception here. Forget the knuckleball, I think what this guy “caught” is Theo in a few compromising photos with barnyard animals or members of Pearl Jam. How else does he continue to earn a spot on this team?

Yesterday, the Sox added Brendan Donnelly and J.C. Romero to strengthen the bullpen. I like the moves, but what does it mean for MDC and Hansen? It’s getting a little crowded out there. And who is the closer? Hansen? Donnelly? Here’s Theo’s take…

“It’s really too early to start assigning exact roles, other than to say that the guys who pitch the best are definitely going to have the most important roles,” Epstein said. “Certainly we’re going to find a closer, whether it’s internal or external, before we break [camp].”

Almost all of the 2007 pieces are in place. Spring can’t get here fast enough.