I’m not at the point I want to shoot anyone, but Mondays after an un-Patriot-like beatdown in Miami yesterday are tough. I was as sure the Pats were gonna win as I was that I was gonna score on prom night. I guess that should have been a bad omen right there. But we won’t get into that. Brady looked helpless having no time to throw, Maroney was out, Watson got hurt, the play-calling was embarrassing and the refs sucked (for both sides). Frustrating all around and not a good sign for the playoffs. The Pats are 13-2 in December in the Brady era, both losses to Miami. The only bright spots yesterday were the Colts and the Jets both getting beaten worse than the Pats.

The baseball world has come to a grinding halt following the winter meetings. The one big story remaining is the countdown to Matsuzaka. I still contend the deal will be done by the deadline, but if the rest of my predictions in 2006 are any indication, we’re screwed. What the f–k is Boras waiting for? Is this just for the media that the deal is being held to the last minute? It has to happen, right? RIGHT?

Back to the Boomtown Rats for a quick moment. I remember the incident that inspired the song. It was the Columbine of the seventies. Horrifying in how bad it was and how much worse it could have been. More frightening in the reason for it, or I should say, lack of any reason for it.

On a more positive note, I’ll be picking up my Christmas tree today. (Yes, we are still allowed to say “Christmas” at Surviving Grady!) Hopefully it will get me in the holiday spirit, since shopping online for Sox tickets didn’t do the trick on Saturday. I’m still hoping for an early gift of Matsuzaka this week.