Larry Legend turns 50 today. Thanks for the memories #33.

The million-dollar contracts continue being tossed around the winter meetings like dollar bills at a strip club, yet Manny remains untraded. The one hitter that could be considered “worth” his salary and nobody wants him? Fine with me, I’ll enjoy watching him hit between Papi and Drew all year. Or at least until the trading deadline.

Another legendary power hitter without a home is Hypodermic Barry. How beautiful would it be if he couldn’t find a team willing to take him?

Closer to home, the Globe reports that negotiations with Matsuzaka are still far apart. This has all the signs of the Sox trying to inluence the deal through the media. There is no motivation for Matsuzaka to play another year in Japan. And is there some irony that this is the Globe’s big headline on December 7th?

Details of the Lugo contract reveal there is actually a 5th year guaranteed if Lugo makes certain plate-appearance minimums throughout the first 4 years. Swell. Maybe if he finds a new hobby other than making bad throws to first, this will work out.

Ted Lilly signed with the Cubs for 4 years, 40 million. I won’t miss seeing him shut the Red Sox down a few times every year.

Not a peep from Red all week. Hmmmm…