Here at Surviving Grady, we don’t have a lot of pride sources to point to at the end of a long, hard day. Sure, there’s Denton’s bowling trophies and my handcarved collection of Erin Gray figurines, but that’s hardly the sort of stuff that gets folks really keyed up.

So, in order to keep our spirits high, we cling tenaciously to this wondrous moment in broadcasting history, in which Denton stormed the NESN booth during a 2005 spring training telecast, and handed The Remdawg himself a promotional postcard for SURVIVING GRADY: THE BOOK. Ever the gentleman, Remy actually gave our book a plug, and I must say, I’ve replayed his wondrous voice saying “Surviving Grady” half a bazillion times in my head. And it just keeps getting better every time. No one says “Surviving Grady” quite like the Remmer, and I have forbidden anyone to utter those two words in my presence, lest they dirty-up the memory of his pitch-perfect elocution.

Here it is, in all its YouTube glory. Please note Denton’s tiger-like prowess, siddling his way up to the booth, seamlessly handing off the card, and all the while looking outrageously fashionable in his shorts-and-windbreaker combo.

One of the greatest products Remy ever offered on his website was the personalized voicemail message, in which the Dawg literally answered your phone for you. Due to the overwhelming response — and, let’s face it, in a perfect world everyone’s phone has Remy’s voice on its voicemail system — the product was pulled, and my dream was deferred. But this… this makes up for it. I’m complete now. And I thank Remy and Orsillo and Denton for it.

When I die, I have already made arrangements that the entire wake/funeral/post-funeral niceties will consist of nothing other than a playing of the exchange that occurs at roughly the 30-second mark on this clip:

Remy: The name of this book is… Surviving Grady.

Orsillo [after a long pause]: Wow.

Bing, bang, there it is. My life is complete. End of story.

And have we mentioned that SURVIVING GRADY: THE BOOK — at a mere $7.95 for 304 pages — makes a swell gift? Because it does. Why, here’s what the Boston Phoenix said about it. And we didn’t even pay them. Much.